Women For His Vessels  by Violeta B. Hayes


  • The Likeness Of God
  • The Ideal Mother
  • Renewed Strength
  • Be Still
  • The Marys And The Marthas
  • The Marys
  • How To Have Bliss
  • How To Be A Successful Minister's Wife
  • Her Great Responsibilities
  • How To Remain Happy All The Way
  • The Negative Aspect Of Liveliness
  • The Positive Aspect Of Liveliness
  • Summary
  • Dare To Stand
  • Strengthening The Missionaries Wives
  • Preparation
  • Your Mission
  • The Sowing
  • The Reaping
  • Our Departure
  • To Depart
  • God Be Glorified
  • Conclusion
  • A Vessel
  • The Key To Success



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