What Young Preachers Need To Know 

by Herbert Brown & George Crawford


Dr. W. Herbert Brown

  • That They Are Called To Preach
  • The Minister's Responsibility
  • The Relationship Between Pastor And Church
  • The Truth Relative To The Lord's First Church
  • The Man To Whom God Looks
  • The Working Of The Holy Spirit
  • Determine To Finish Your Course And Ministry
  • Believing God
  • The Goal Of God's Grace
  • Living By The Promises Of God And Walking By Faith

Dr. George B. Crawford

  • So Now...You Have Been Called To Preach
  • So Now...How Do You Know You Have Been Called To Preach?
  • So Now...It Is Preparation Time
  • So Now...It Is Pastor Calling Time
  • So Now...You Are The Pastor
  • So Now...It Is Time To Preach
  • So Now...You Are To Baptize Someone
  • So Now...You Observe The Lord's Supper
  • So Now...You Have A Funeral
  • So Now...You Have A Wedding
  • So Now...You Watch Yourself



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