What If This Were Your Last Day To Live?  by Gordon Shaffer


  • Alive And Yet Forever Lost
  • The Dangers And Tragedies Of Sin
  • It Pays To Sin, But The Wages Is Death
  • The Magnetism Of The Cross
  • What Must I Do To Be Saved - Or The Age Old "?"
  • A Universal Question
  • The World's Best Known Man
  • Have You Heard The Good News?
  • The Great Salvation
  • God's Limited Offer
  • Trifling With The Gospel
  • God's Great Continental Divide
  • The Road To Heaven is Not Toll Free
  • All Roads Do Not Lead To Heaven
  • If This Were My Last Day To Live
  • Why Gamble With Life
  • Life And Death
  • Elective  Living
  • God's Irrevocable Law
  • The Verdict Is Yours
  • You And The Law
  • Sitting On Death Row
  • Working Your Way To Hell
  • Hell
  • Satanomics
  • Synthetic Religion
  • The Wax Religion



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