The Rooster Sermon & Other Outlines  by Luther Crawford


  • Jesus Shall Not Fai
  • God Well Pleased
  • The Busy Body
  • Look And Live
  • Bumper Sticker Religion
  • The Gospel Rooster or The Rooster God Used To Bring Revival To A Backslidden Christian
  • Are We Really Ready?
  • What's Going On At The House Of God?
  • And The Walls Came Tumbling Down
  • What Manner Of People Ought We To Be?
  • Why I Am Trusting The Lord
  • Victory! How Sweet It Is
  • Building A Spiritual House
  • Spiritual Amnesia
  • Problem Children
  • Three Days Of A Rich Man's Life
  • The Danger Of Hell Fire
  • We See Jesus
  • The Devil's Devices To Deceive Disciples
  • Hello, How Are You?
  • Enoch, The Man Who Walked With God And Disappeared
  • A Three-Fold Call Of God To His People
  • A Picture From Life's Other Side
  • Without A Prayer
  • Things That Are A Must
  • The Voyage Of Life



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