Object Lessons For Every Age  by Muncy Harris


  • God Know Each Of Us Well
  • Christ Will Rescue Us
  • To Whom Do We Belong?
  • Beware Of The Devil's Bait!
  • A Sin Repellent
  • Bearing The Image Of Christ
  • Transformed Into Usefulness
  • Every One Has A Place
  • Not What We Appear
  • Is That Dirt On Your Face?
  • Sin Can Break Us
  • Jesus Can Make You Well
  • Jesus Must Shine Through
  • The Source Of Temptation
  • Let's Sing Praises To God
  • The Importance Of Unity
  • A Way To Tell Christ How Much We Love Him
  • Using What We Can Handle
  • Don't Be A Dunce! (In Six Lessons)
     1. An Atheist Is A Dunce!
     2. A Liar Is A Dunce!
    3. An Argurer Is A Dunce!
     4. A Meddler Is A Dunce!
     5. A Lazy Person Is A Fool!
     6. An Angry Person Is A Dunce!
  • God's People Can Be Different
  • Trust The Physician
  • A Deserted House
  • Doing The Right Thing Pleases God
  • Spiritual Runts
  • Keep Your Head On Straight
  • Do You Bear The Marks?
  • His Death Brings Life
  • You Can Trust The Lord
  • Bound Together By Love
  • God Never Forgets
  • God Searches The Heart
  • Get Hooked On Good Habits
  • The Lord Is Strong And Mighty
  • The Way To Communicate With God
  • Useless Without God
  • You Can Always Depend On Jesus
  • Christ Can Clean Us Up



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