A Study in Psalm 119 by J. W. Griffith


  • Aleph: True To The Bible
  • Beth: The Virtue Of Bible Knowledge
  • Gimel: The Enlightenment Of God's Word
  • Daleth: The Strength Of God's Word
  • He: Preservation By God's Word
  • Vau: Profession Of Faith By The Word
  • Zayin: Ground Of Hope In The Word
  • Cheth: Bound Of Friendship In The Word
  • Teth: Humbleness By The Word
  • Yodh: Consolation Through The Word
  • Kaph: Seeking Comfort By The Word
  • Lamedh: Steadfastness Of The Word
  • Menm: Wisdom Acquired By The Word
  • Num: Oath Of Faithfulness To The Word
  • Samekh: Resisting Defamers Of The Word
  • Ayin: Overcoming Oppression By The Word
  • Pe: Concern For The Teachings Of The Word
  • Tsadhe: Zeal For The Word
  • Qoph: Revival By The Word
  • Resh: Entreaty By The Word
  • Shin: Happiness In The Word
  • Tau: Summarization Of The Word



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